Polymer MKS-X

Polymer MKS-X

Here is a product that is the result of extreme exploration at the boundaries of current technology. Our product development efforts are purely driven by rigorous and objective engineering principles. At the core of our development work is obsessive focus on reducing and eliminating distortion that is present in mechanical, electrical, and acoustical domains of a loudspeaker system. And our research in this area has shown that when this is achieved, a much more visceral emotional connection to music takes place.

But in the MKS-X certain things defy engineering. It is something that we cannot measure with any instrument. It is an example of an object taking on properties that were not known by its own creator.

We cannot adequately describe this product and strongly encourage an audition with an experienced dealer. When properly set-up in a system with sufficient component synergy all “Hi-Fi” artifacts are gone and a startlingly lifelike recreation of live music is within reach.

Another stark difference between the MKS-X and the vast selection of loudspeakers currently available is that it continues to reveal nuance and continues to engage the listener over time. We believe that its complete freedom from any kind of electronic signature and lack of a “Hi-Fi” nature makes it an absolute reference that has astonished listeners. Because the Hi-Fi effect can appear to be impressive in a short demo and then boredom sets in over time, we encourage a careful and extended audition to fully understand the capabilities of this product.


  • Laboratory grade silver from input to output
  • 5N silver wire inductors for best signal transmission
  • Crossover network designed entirely without the use resistors
  • Steep crossovers filters are accomplished with minimal parts count. The band pass circuit for diamond midrange is just a total of 4 parts.
  • All mechanical resonances are eliminated from crossover components both internally with damping compounds and externally with potted enclosures to protect delicate circuitry from powerful forces generated inside the cabinet.
  • Pure diamond tweeter, maintains theoretically ideal pistonic motion throughout its entire pass band.
  • Pure diamond midrange, like the tweeter this midrange maintains theoretically ideal pistonic motion where human hearing is most sensitive. Other cone materials bend and flex and warp at various frequencies creating colorations that are not on the recording (creating a sound of their own). The MKS-X allows you to hear exactly the signal as supplied by your electronics.
  • World’s most inert cabinet construction using a combination of metal alloys to push resonances beyond the ability of instrument’s to measure them. The front baffle is machined out of a solid billet of material that is 5 times more damped and 5 times more stiff than aluminum. All ringing modes in the mid-range are eliminated.
  • Complex geometry and strategically placed merino wool inlays completely address diffraction by both scattering and absorption
  • Acoustic centers of drivers are positioned to achieve near point source radiation
  • Ideal horizontal dispersion characteristics optimize reflected energy in the room


Bass driver: two 6 inch aluminum cone woofers
MidBass: 5″ composite cone
Midrange: one 2.1 inch pure diamond cone
Tweeter: one 0.75 inch pure diamond
Enclosure Type Woofer: Group delay optimized vented

Sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1 watt, 1m @1 kHz
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Minimum Impedance: 3.5 ohms @ 105 Hz
Minimum Amplifier Power: 80 Watts per channel
Frequency Response: +/-3 dB 30 Hz – 70 kHz In Room Response

Color options: silver finish or black

Overall Dimensions:
HEIGHT: 42 inches WIDTH: 9 inches DEPTH: 16.5 inches
Approx. System Weight Per Channel: 365 lbs each
Total Shipping Weight: Approximately 820lbs (varies by country)

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