The world doesn’t need another great loudspeaker; there are already plenty of them and many of these products indeed deliver exceptional quality and performance. However, at Polymer Audio Research we are only interested in exploring the very edge of the art at the limits of current technology. With a painstaking approach to minimize distortions that are inherent in nearly every part of the electro-mechanical system that comprises a loudspeaker, a whole new experience is possible, one that will provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment and a level of refinement that it will never cease to amaze again and again. Subtle nuances continue to reveal themselves in your recordings and subtlety in the artists’ musical intent and textures of instruments where their characteristics reveal themselves as a physical presence and not just audio information.

The result is products that are very challenging to commercialize. It is difficult to describe the kind of absolute fanatical attention has to go into the development and assembly of such a product and how much resolve and discipline it takes to stay on track and not cut corners that lead to compromises. It is not just marketing drivel here when we say that we manufacture products without compromise, indeed this is the very foundation of everything that we do and it is our everyday reality.  The product that will occupy your room is a loudspeaker that is built with such high level of quality that it will withstand a lifetime of faithful service and deliver the same performance a decade from now as it did when you first bought it.

We also have a fundamentally different approach to our product development and categorization. Nothing is driven by price, only intended application. Each product is made to be an absolute reference. The Polymer Audio Research product line is different because each product is designed as a flagship (there are no entry level products) and each product offers the highest possible level of refinement. Unlike other brands where as you spend more you get a higher performance product, with Polymer Audio you get a reference level product regardless of price. As you go to higher cost you are not getting a higher quality product, just a product with greater capabilities for certain applications.

For example, if you live in a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan and listen to music at medium to moderate listening levels then your needs might be different than if you live in a large house with cathedral ceilings and want to play Metallica at levels approaching a live concert. Therefore in the absolute sense each of our products offers the ultimate level of refinement but may have different design goals to satisfy certain criteria. In each category, we cannot think of a way of how to make the product better at our current understanding of loudspeaker design and each product is an all-out assault on the edge of the art exploring every possible variable.

And finally, these products represent genuine value. Making this type of investment into a loudspeaker system is a serious decision and we know of no other loudspeaker that offers a combination of such ultra-premium parts. A closer look will reveal that just a pair of our diamond midrange drivers is more costly than the entire cost of a typical fully assembled high-end loudspeaker.

More to come…